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► At Third Line Imaging we specialize in fast-loading and high quality virtual tours as well as providing professional photography for properties in the lower mainland area.

► The visual marketing we produce is unmatched in terms of quality and it is most accurate and professional way to showcase a listing.

► Our interactive, virtual panoramic tours show complete

details from floor to ceiling, load quickly, and they can be viewed in full screen.

► The 360 panoramas allow the viewer to look around the room as if they were standing there, with the ability to go from one room to another in which ever order they prefer.    

► Our technique is to produce an online virtual tour that lets the potential buyer know exactly what the listing looks like before they enter the house

What makes us different?

Why use our service?

► To Make the experience more realistic, we have included an integrated and interactive floor plan for

each virtual tour. This feature will guide the viewer through the property listed.

► Each listed property has its own profile and could include: Interactive Virtual Tour,Video Tour, Photo Gallery, Interactive Floor Plan, Listing Information.

Virtual Tour Tutorial

Video Real Estate Tours have VISUAL IMPACT. Video not only helps sell listings fast, but also saves time and travel expense by allowing prospective buyers to preview properties before scheduling a showing, narrowing the choice to the most suitable properties.

Here at Third Line Imaging we have a passion for all things photographic and a desire to share that passion with others. We are equipped with the industry’s top-of-the-line equipments, enabling us to capture the world around us. We are committed to offering high-quality, professional photographic services, and to provide our clients with the finest final product.

Size: 45154 x 5739 pixels or 677 x 80 inches (resolution 72)