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Photography Lab

In this class, we will give you an overview of how to use cameras and how to take advantage of all your camera's functions properly. Along with theoretical lessons taught in the classroom, we will have on-location sessions to put your academic knowledge to use in a practical setting. You will  be given the opportunity to review your photos with your teacher  and be provided with helpful tips on how to further enhance your work.


 you can introduce yourself as a professional photographer in the job market by mastering your camera and learning how to use it in a variety of situations. Photography skills are not only important in professional settings, but an incredible asset needed in building your social media following.

With specialized Photography learning

Experiences gained through this course:

  • Use a variety of photographic techniques

  • Portrait and indoor photography with flash or natural light

  • Make use of the facilities available with interesting and exciting advancements

  • Photography of nature and urban settings with various techniques including:

    • Panoramas, night or day photography, HDR photography.


All photographers, whether they are shooting for their profession or as a hobby, need programs such as Lightroom and Photoshop to enhance their photos to perfection. You will not only be learning photography techniques, but will also be familiarized with Lightroom and Photoshop.



All professional photographers need softwares such as Lightroom to categorize, enhance and manipulate their photos. The software has the capability to transform your photography to acheive the desired results at a very high speed.



Photoshop is a sophisticated yet simple and powerful software for editing and manipulating images. The applications and techniques available to you are incredible. We will focus on photo editing tools in this course.

This course will provide you with a practical insight into the skills and effective use of Photoshop when editing photos.  With a professional editing studio, you will be able to manipulate images the way you want and with confidence. By the end of the semester, you will be able to maneuver the software, as well as improve your photo editing skills and significantly enhance your photography.

Colour Correction

Correct lighting mistakes in post-production, such as dim photos and photos with strong yellow hues.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Make your photo more beautiful by correcting all the mistakes

  • Learn the most important software tools and capabilities

  • How to use layers in Photoshop

  • Remove unwanted things in the image

  • Adjust the light, color, contrast

  • Professional face retouching

  • Using masking

  • Sharpen your photos

  • Preparing photos for online publishing and printing

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