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Photoshop Lab

 Photoshop is the most powerful and popular application for working with images of different orientations.

In this course, we familiarize and  thoroughly deepen your understanding of tools and functions of this software. 

With specialized Photoshop learning

You will be able to enter the highly competitive job market of advertising, graphics, and photography industry.

Here's what we'll teach you


  • General introduction to the program

  • Familiarization with tools and windows menus

  • Full understanding of the size, and format of images

  • Working with layers

  • Adjusting the colour quality of the photo with different techniques

  • Using different tools to select a part of the photo to change

  • Retouching photos

  • Learning to use brushes

  • Various techniques to change the colour of parts of a photo

  • Adding text and shape to images

  • Combining images

  • Familiarizing with some functional filters

  • Different approaches to editing photos

  • How to use the selection tool

  • Important uses of the mask tool

  • Merging photos professionally 

  • Remove unwanted objects or people

  • Performing various projects after learning the above

These are just a few of the things you can do

  • Merge different images and create attractive spaces you've visualized in your mind

  • Enhance your executive expertise in graphic design, web design, illustration, video editing, and other visual softwares

Nadia low.jpg

Professional Portrait Retouching 

and Restoration.

Convert old black and white photos to color


If you want to change the background of an image

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